A Positive Color Schemes for Living Room

The design of our living room must be thought out properly because it is the face of our home. Choose the best color schemes for living room and put the high quality furniture to complete it. However, many people rarely think about it especially those who purchase a house that already full with furniture. Changing the color scheme will need some effort in thinking about the right combination. It is not just the wall color but includes the color of furniture and accessories like rugs, wall decorations, mirrors, and curtains. You need to decide the color carefully if you want to create a positive impression.

You have so many colors that should be chosen to create the best color schemes for living room. Each color has its own advantages when applied on the wall, floor, and furniture. A positive color scheme starts from the sync of these three. What you need to do is look on the nature and try to get some inspirations from it. Do not be so stick to some theories or the opinion of others. Be focus on something that makes you feel good and comfortable. You can have a living room with one color schemes like white, brown or red, or multiple color schemes.

The house with traditional styles usually has two color schemes like a combination of a deep brown for the furniture and dark green for the wall. While some go for a simpler color schemes for living room with the combination of white and black. The green and brown is more popular because it creates a better contrast and very pleasing to the eye. These colors also match the natural color comes from the furniture. It is perfect for those who prefer a natural feeling for their house.

Other popular color combinations for living room are gray and tan. The gray wall is perfectly combined with tan furniture. It is commonly used in a modern home. The wall color strengthens the furniture and makes them as the focal point. Besides gray, other soft hues colors are also a good choice if you have a modern and contemporary living room. The other interesting color schemes are also available to create a positive feeling such as achromatic, analogous, and triadic. Besides the color schemes for living room, you need to think about the kind of furniture you use. The traditional furniture is usually bulky while the contemporary furniture is simple and sleek.

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