Best Wooden Countertops for Rustic Kitchen

Rustic kitchen is a good concept of kitchen for you who love the natural things. This kind of kitchen concept is made of natural materials such as wooden and natural stones. For you who want to use this concept, using wooden countertops will be the best choice for your countertops idea. However, you must be more careful to choose the best wooden for countertops. Not all of the wooden have the same strength and durability. Moreover, kitchen countertops will be the place of heavy kitchen tools such as stove, sink, oven, shelves and other electronics cooking tools. Therefore, you really need to consider so many things before choosing wooden for the countertops material.

For the best wooden countertops, you can use hardwood. It has more strength and durability. You can count on it for your classic or modern countertops. Some choices of hardwood are Araucaria, Hoop pine, Cypress, European yew, Cedar, and Douglas fir. These woods have the hard surface which is capable of supporting heavy loads. The colors of these woods are also various. You can choose one of them which has the same colors as the main color of kitchen to make the whole room looks harmony.

Rustic room style will always expose the natural looks of wooden without any paint. So, you can choose the wooden material which has the good natural sculpture to enhance the beauty of the room. For the finishing touch, although you choose hardwood for material, do not forget to cover wooden countertops with varnish. Varnish has the function to keep the wooden surface to be always durable, water resistant, oil resistant and anti-termite. Moreover, the varnish can also give the glowing effect and make you easier to clean your kitchen countertops. Besides, varnish is the god idea to enhance the beauty of natural wood structures.

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