Girls Bedroom Paints Ideas from Child to Adult

Girls Bedroom Paints Ideas

Generally, the girls love to decorate their bedroom appropriate with their needs, ages, and passions. Different age has different need and passion too. If you are a parent or a girl who need to decorate the bedroom, there are several recommendations about girls bedroom paints ideas from child to adult. In the range of child to teenager ages, the girls usually love sweet and bright paint schemes. For that, combination colors are needed to make lovely girl paint ideas. Pink color usually is loved by children, because it is the realm of princesses. You can combine the bright shade of pink with yellow, orange, lime green and another bright color to make strong look of feminine sense for the wall.

Girls Bedroom Paints Ideas

In addition, the bright combination color in girls bedroom paints ideas is suitable with pretty white or black furniture to make sophisticated look. For the additional, give some supporting accessories which are loved by the children such as dolls, toys, picture frame, or flower in order to make the children feel more comfortable in their room. Then, if the girl grew up from child to teenagers you can combine the scheme of the wall with coral and white color to make fun mood. The soft blue is also suitable, because it provides pretty backdrop for images of their lovely idol, or other artwork and accessories.

Next, in the range of teenager to adult ages, you should consider the calm, romantic and elegant scheme for girls bedroom paints ideas. For calm color combination, you may use lavender and gray to give a soothing and inviting atmosphere while keeping its feminine flair. The pinkish white is another calm color which can give an inviting and relaxing feel. If the teenagers grow up become adults and experience to love their boyfriends, they will choose romantic bedroom scheme one. For example, soft raspberries wall with warm browns furniture will make the bedroom looked romantic.
The other romantic combination is pink and purple with a bucket of flowers and hanging lamp in the corner. The adult girls then become interest with an elegant paint scheme for their room. You should use hot lips scheme which is use hot pink color in the center of room and bed. It will give the entire space a fascinating and elegant look. Thus, several girls bedroom paints ideas schemes. If you are a parent who needs to decorate your girl’s bedroom, you can apply the paints ideas that suitable with yours girl’s age. Then, if you are a girl, you may use the scheme above as the recommendation to makeover your bedroom.

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