Small Bathroom Ideas for the Small Housing

With the increasing popularity of small housing, many people who live in it prefer to choose the minimalist concept to be applied here. This is the kind of concept with the idea of fulfilling various needs in such a minimalist room. As an example, we have small bathroom ideas. With this kind of ideas, you will be able to do many things in your bathroom, even if it has a small size. And to make it happen, there are couples of tricks needed. Things such as color combination, furniture choice, and kind of accessories will be beneficial here. Therefore, if you can’t hold your interest to it, here is the detailed information of applying this kind of ideas.

The first thing and the most important one in applying small bathroom ideas is the color combination. If you can apply the right combination of colors, then you must be able to crate the roomier illusion into you small bathroom. So, just avoid choosing the bright color such as red, yellow, blue, orange, and others. The use of these colors will make the wall of the room seems to recede. Instead, just choose the darker color on the side of the walls where you put the bathroom desk and the mirror, and combine it with the calmer one on the other sides of it.

Then, we can also use the multi function furniture to support the small bathroom ideas. One benefits that this kind of furniture offers is that you can use it for the multi purposes. So, by using this furniture, some of your needs will perfectly be able to be fulfilled in single furniture. The one that popularly used here is the bathroom desk with storage. Here, you can use the space under the desk that usually doesn’t useful to be something beneficial suck as storage. With the presence of this storage, you don’t need extra space to save your bath equipment, because you can save them there.

Next idea is about the accessories choice. Instead of making the room more crowded, the right choice of accessories can be used to create larger illusion of it. One accessories that is perfect for this job is mirror. Place an average until big size of mirror on the side of the wall with darker color. So, the reflection of the mirror will create the larger optical illusion toward the room. Moreover, you can also apply some simple accessories such as pots, or flowers on the surface of the desk. Finally, from the information above, we can conclude that with the right application of small bathroom ideas, we are not only able to fulfill so many needs here, but the nice aesthetic aspect is also not something impossible.

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Pinky Kevin
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